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AdBlue 10l

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Ad Blue 10l

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AdBlue 10l

Ad Blue 10l is a clear liquid, suitable for treating exhaust gases in order to meet the emission standards. Ad Blue 10L is automatically mixed with the exhaust gases. Due to a chemical reaction between the AdBlue and the exhaust gas in the SCR system, NOx is converted into harmless water and nitrogen.

high quality AdBlue 10l

Make sure that you threat your car the best you can. For proper functioning of your SCR system, you must ensure that you use only high quality AdBlue. If you use an AdBlue of a poor quality, you may risk your catalytic converter getting damaged.

Ad Blue 10l storage

Ad Blue 10l must be stored at temperatures between -11 ° C and + 30 ° C in order to guarantee the shelf life period of 1 year.
The product freezes at a temperature below -11 ° C, however, the product can be used after thawing without loss of quality.


Ad Blue



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