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Planam Major Protect Jacket 1-layer

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Planam Major Protect Jacket 1-layer

Workers in dangerous areas know the risks. And if you cannot influence the external conditions, you should at least take ideal preventive measures with the right protective workwear. PLANAM Major Protect Jacket 1-layer puts you on the safe side in many hazardous situations, offering good protection against heat and flames; fire inhibitor properties upon contact with pilot lights; prevention against liquid aerosols, light splashes and sprays, such as those occurring in the chemical and petroleum industries; in the low-voltage range (service entrance boxes) it protects the wearer from the effects of a fault arc; anti-static effect to avoid sparks in explosive environments.

Major Protect does just what it says: top protection through the very latest materials, tested and certified according to EN standards, gives you the good feeling of doing the maximum for your safety. The same applies to the additions to the PLANAM Major Protect protective clothing range now optionally available.

Planam Major Protect Jacket 1-layer

Lightweight to wear, optimum protection
The greatest possible freedom of movement and perfect protection need not be an oxymoron, thanks to the single-layered working jacket.

Additional Information

  • Major Protect
  • Material: 64 % cotton, 35 % polyester, 1 % carbon fibres 2/2 diagonal twill, weight approx. 370 g/m², anti-static, flame-retardant and flourcarbon finished
  • 2 chest pockets with flaps
  • 2 front pockets with flaps
  • Sizes: 42-64,90-110


  • EN ISO 11611 KL. 2, A1
  • EN ISO 11612 A1, B1, C1, E3
  • EN 13034 Typ 6
  • EN 1149-3
  • EN 1149-5
  • EN 61482-1-2 cl. 1
  • UV Standard 801: UVS 064970




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